Saphera® Fiber – The fiber opportunity in dairy


Are health-conscious consumers looking for more fiber in their diet? Would they be willing to pay a premium for it? And if so, is there technology available that could increase the fiber content in their preferred dairy products, without negatively affecting taste and texture? 

The short answer, on all three counts, is yes. And that technology is called Saphera® Fiber. 

In our upcoming 45-minute webinar on Wednesday, October 14, we’ll share our most recent consumer insights regarding this growing trend of health consciousness, and also introduce our new solution to boost fiber while reducing sugar in dairy products. 

Emmanuel Michelot

Global Business Development & Launch Manager, Food , Novozymes

Emmanuel Michelot is the Global Business Development & Launch Manager at Novozymes. With more than 30 years at Novozymes, he is currently focusing on new enzyme solutions for the Dairy industry. Before Emmanuel took over his current position, he held a Marketing Manager position for various enzyme applications in the Food and Animal Feed industry. Emmanuel has a strong engineering background in Bio- and Food technology and is passionate about developing sustainable and biological solutions.

Ali Osman

Industry Technology Specialist , Novozymes

Ali is a food biochemist with 12 years of solid experience in enzyme science and technology, pre- and probiotics, dairy science and ingredients, as well as the development of sustainable food production processes. He has started working with Novozymes since January 2020 as Industry Technology Specialist and is driving technical collaboration with customers in the food and dairy industry in Europe, with focus on enzyme applications and food/dairy processing. Prior to joining Novozymes, he has worked for many years for a multinational ingredient supplier, and at one of the top 10 dairy companies in the world. He obtained his PhD in Food and Nutritional sciences from the University of Reading in the UK.