Saphera® Fiber – The fiber opportunity in dairy


Are health-conscious consumers looking for more fiber in their diet? Would they be willing to pay a premium for it? And if so, is there technology available that could increase the fiber content in their preferred dairy products, without negatively affecting taste and texture? 

The short answer, on all three counts, is yes. And that technology is called Saphera® Fiber. 

In our upcoming 45-minute webinar on Thursday, October 15, we’ll share our most recent consumer insights regarding this growing trend of health consciousness, and also introduce our new solution to boost fiber while reducing sugar in dairy products. 

João Guilherme Ribeiro

Marketing Manager - Food, Americas, Novozymes

João Guilherme Ribeiro is a marketer with a strong communication and business background, currently responsible for the Novozymes Food division in the Americas. Prior to Novozymes, he led teams and brands in diverse markets, managing B2C and B2B environments in companies such as Mattel and Puratos. Having spent the last 6 years of his career in the Food Ingredients segment, he is keen on helping to lead the food revolution through sustainable and cleaner technologies.

Kendra Stallings

Technical Service Scientist - Food, Americas, Novozymes

Kendra Stallings is a Technical Service Scientist focusing on dairy applications, with additional experience in protein, starch and grain applications. She earned her MS in Food Science at North Carolina State University and has been with Novozymes since 2015. Before becoming a Technical Service Scientist, she has spent years researching for innovation in the food industry. She is driven by being a part in bringing innovative technologies to the market that allow food processors improve consumer experiences and make the world a more sustainable place.