Increase the degumming yield and access more oil than you thought possible


Staying competitive in the vegetable oil processing industry means you have to constantly optimize processes, reduce costs and extract maximum value from the feedstock. 

With the existing water degumming or alkaline refining process, you rarely manage to achieve more than 95% of oil yield. It’s time to think beyond traditional processes and recover extra oil that’s hiding in plain sight.

At this webinar you will learn about:

  • Market insights and trends
  • Opportunities to increase the yield with Quara Boost
  • Choice between Lecithin vs higher oil yield
  • Improved degumming process for Rice Bran, Mustard and Soybean Oil
  • Get your questions answered by Novozymes team


Ajit Somnath Tajane

Ajit is an Oil Technologist, having over 13 years of techno-commercial experience in marketing & sales of enzymes for Oils & Fats Industry. He has very special interest and expertise in Edible oils & Biodiesel processing.
Ajit has worked with Zytex Biotech and Brenntag Ingredients before joining Novozymes. Played a key role in replacing Acid degumming with Enzymatic degumming for Rice Bran Oil in India. Currently working with Novozymes as a Technical Sales Manager and driving the enzyme applications for Vegetable oil processing in India.

Rohit A. Bangera

Having over two decades of experience in the Oils & Fats and related industries.
Graduated from UDCT (Mumbai) in 1999 as Oil Technologist and began career in R&D in Ricinash Oil Mill, developing products based on castor oil.
Associated with Engineering companies, namely Desmet Ballestra and DVC Process Technologists for almost 17 years in the Sales & Marketing function. Worked on standardization of sales process and part of the team to introduce new technologies to India.
Presently working with Novozymes to develop the enzymes application in Oils & Fats, Oleochemicals and Biodiesel. Made various presentations on Indian & international forums

LihShin Liew

LihShin has more than 15 years of working experience in marketing role in steel, chemical and petrochemical industry. She is currently the Regional Marketing Manager for Oils and Fats Industry in Novozymes.