Don’t let profit go to waste – staying ahead of rising biodiesel feedstock prices with biotechnology


Free webinar on biodiesel market trends and new bioprocessing solutions on November 25 provided by LMC International and Novozymes.

Staying ahead of rising biodiesel feedstock prices with biotechnology

Being a biodiesel producer is no walk in the park. On top of the day-to-day operations, rising biodiesel feedstock prices present a challenge that affects your ability to achieve the profitability goals you set for yourself. 

Of course, you can’t control biodiesel feedstock prices – if you could rein in your raw material costs, you would. And that’s why, as those prices continue to hover near all-time highs, many biodiesel producers are looking for new ways to improve profitability.

This is where insight into current market trends and the latest biodiesel processes can play a key role in managing your plant through this challenging time.


Don’t let profits go to waste

In this free webinar on Thursday November 25 at 09:00 am (CET) and 4:00 pm (MYT), we’ll take a closer look at the relevant market trends in South East Asia and Europe with the help of global market intelligence and consulting firm LMC international. They will provide insights into a variety of perspectives including biofuel policies, biodiesel supply and demand, developments in renewable diesel and raw materials. 

Then we’ll introduce you to Novozymes Eversa® Transform 2.0, an enzyme catalyzed biodiesel process, invented by Novozymes, which today is used in more than 30 plants worldwide. It can be deployed in both greenfield and retro-fit units for co-processing or stand-alone applications.


Get insights from industry speakers  

Caroline Midgely

Head of Biofuels, LMC International

She has acted as project leader across a broad range of biodiesel and renewable diesel projects, including leading LMC’s annual service on the Global Market Outlook for Biodiesel.

Robert Lindström

Global Marketing Manager, Novozymes (Denmark)

He is responsible for the company’s biodiesel strategy, promotion, pricing and market insights. He brings more than 10 years of experience bringing innovative new biotechnology-based technologies to the market both in large and small companies.

Yee Hon Seng

Head of Technical Service, Novozymes (Malaysia)

He is responsible for the Oils & Fats Centre of Excellence, all biodiesel related lab trial protocol and process conditions optimization. He brings 22 years of experience from oils and fats industry, including commissioning of plants.

Johan Mogensen

Head of Process Technology, Novozymes (Denmark)

He is responsible for the company’s biodiesel process technology. He brings 25 years of experience from process engineering, his latest role being VP for renewable diesel at Haldor Topsoe.