Is your softener prepared for a challenging market?


Margins are tight. Aisles are filled with lookalike, perform-alike products. You face new category challengers, new sceptics and new consumer demands. Why not turn today’s challenges into opportunities?

In this webinar, Novozymes’ experts Louise Lihn and Thea Dam Torvits will take a closer look at some of the European softener market insights uncovered in a recent study with Conjoint.ly. Based on those insights, they will address how key trends and challenges also can present some opportunities for softener manufacturers. Also, they will dive into how enzyme technology enables compelling new claims. You will also have the opportunity ask them questions. 

We hope you’ll join us!

Learn more on https://new.novozymes.com/household-care/softener

Louise Lihn

Global Marketing Manager, Novozymes

Having worked at Novozymes for 5,5 years within different industries, Louise has obtained a lot of experience, knowledge and a deep understanding of the market and customers, especially within the Household Care and Textile businesses. In her role at Novozymes, Louise has focused on translating the enzyme technology into consumer relevant claims and creating a pull in the market for more sustainable solutions. Louise has a background in Marketing, Communication and Economy.

Thea Dam Torvits

Industry Technology Specialist , Novozymes

Since joining Novozymes 2,5 years ago, Thea has been working on finding the right technical solution to answer specific consumer needs. In her role, she has become experienced in working with the green segment and what to consider when formulating for ecolabels. Here enzymes in softeners play a key role, as a natural way to prolong the lifetime of clothes. She has a background as Food Science Engineer with a specialty in Proteins.