Inside plant-based meat production: How to perfect your textures (and more)

March 05, 2024 15:00 CET

Ever wondered why your plant-based burger or hot dog changes its game after reheating? 

Join this webinar where we'll chew over this curious challenge (among other things) together with alternative protein specialist Anatolii Utkin from food processing expert, Reiser and Novonesis scientist James Chapa.

In this webinar, Anatolii and James will introduce you to why texture and ingredient list length matters in plant-based foods, and why it’s such a challenge to work with cold and hot binding in different types of plant-based meats. 

They will also take you through the plant-based meat process, how to optimize your methods, and the importance of your equipment for perfecting your product.

Together with Anatolii and James, we’ll dive into the world of proteins and enzymes, to discover how they can be used for developing scrumptious recipes that consumers will love. 

Learn how the answer to perfect textures are inside the plant material, and how to unlock them with Vertera® ProBite.  

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Anatolii Utkin


is an accomplished Food Technology Specialist with over a decade of experience in the food industry. He specializes in the development, production process implementation, and scaling up of alternative protein and plant-based products. With four years at Reiser, Anatolii harnesses the company's 60-year legacy in food processing and packaging solutions to drive business growth for a diverse range of partners, from innovative startups to established industry leaders.

James Chapa


has been with Novonesis (Novozymes) since 2020 and has a background in Food Science research and development. He obtained a B.S. and M.S. in Food Science from NC State and Purdue University, respectively. At Novonesis (Novozymes) he works with plant protein and plant-based meat applications in the Technical Services Food & Beverage group.

Jan Wøidemann


has 40 years of experience in global business development, marketing, sales and innovation in primarily the food and medical technology sectors. Jan has been with Novonesis (Novozymes) for 12 years, working in various business development, partnership management and innovation roles. He is currently driving the global launch of Novonesis (Novozymes) first texture-focused biosolution for the plant-based meat industry. Jan holds a M.Sc. in business management from the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.